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Created 19-Oct-15
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I hope you enjoy the photos ! I recommend viewing them all in the slideshow first by clicking on the album then the button on the top right. You can also mark all your favorites as you go along so that they are easy to find later. To order prints and merchandise, click on the photo you would like until it enlarges, then click the "BUY" button and choose the product you would like. Print prices start at just $1.50 for a 4 x 6, $4 for a 5 x 7 and $6 for a 8 x 10, plus there are quite a few special products offered like canvas wraps, stand outs and metal prints which are exquisite. Check out the Stand Outs in the Showcase category, they are my favorite new product for displaying your photos in a more elegant fashion. The best fit option tells you what size the picture will print best in. If the print is already in B & W you DO NOT need to check the b & w box. If there is a different size you would like that does not crop correctly just let me know the photo # and the desired size and I will be happy to create it for you. All purchases from this website will be shipped directly to you.

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